My Mini Zaful Haul! Try On and Review!

Hey Guys welcome back to my blog.

I wanted to share with you my Zaful experience, I got two pieces from there to test the quality and style because the pricing is so cheap! The two items I got were the flare sleeve floral chiffon dress and the long sleeve solid colour trench coat.

Here are the two links if you guys are interested.

Floral Dress  and Trench Coat

These are what they looked like in the pictures.

I didnt end up getting a photo of this one on, but it wasnt what I expected. I was silly and didnt read the materials so it came very thin, but I was expecting a thicker softer material. The trench coat costs $17 on their site. It isnt at all a bad item, just not what I expected.

The Floral dress is absolutely gorgeous, I wear it all the time now. It only cost me $12 which is so ridiculously cheap! It is such a flattering dress, I dont feel frumpy and disgusting in it which is a change! This is the dress on, what do you guys think?


Has anyone shopped here before? I found the ordering super simple and easy, plus shipping was so quick! I thought I would be waiting weeks before I got to get them, but it only took a week. One thing I loved about Zaful is their variety, there are so many things to choose from! Also its great to check there for pieces youve seen on boutiques such as princess polly because they are a fraction of the price!

Let me know what you think guys, and definitely check them out!

Current skincare regime ✨

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. 

Today I will be telling you about my current skincare regime, if your anything like me, you are constantly searching for the perfect skincare products. Whether it be the perfect cleanser, that cleans deep without drying out your skin or even the perfect spot cream or serum to get rid of those annoying hormonal pimples. I myself suffer from mild acne, I have my good skin days and my bad. My 19th birthday was just over a week ago and for my birthday I got a few vouchers, so I did some shopping! My first stop was Mecca maxima, while I was there I got some help from staff on skincare products they recommend. Luckily the lovely lady I got also had combination skin like me, so she told me what she used. Long story short I ended up buying; philosophy skincare purity cleanser, which is currently a cult favourite. Mario badescu drying lotion and buttermilk moisturiser. I had heard of the drying lotion before and was pretty eager to try it.  All three of the products I bought were cheap for higher end brands. They were all about $20 each, which isn’t a lot compared to drug store products which can be close to the same price, but no where near the quality. 

I have been using these since the night I got them, after three days I could already see a big difference in my skin. 

I would definitely recommend these products to anyone looking for some new products to try. I will definitely be buying them again. 

Has anyone tried these before?

If so what did you think of them? 

If not, will you consider trying them now?