Body scrub review! Not your usual body scrub! 

Hey there guys 

Welcome back to my blog. I am trying to post as often as I can, how often do you guys like to see posts? 

Today’s post is about these scrubs by Caim and able. 

I tried clementine and coffee and coconut and lime. I definitely prefer the coconut and lime, it is zesty and fresh plus I am starting to get sick of the coffee smell you get left behind with coffee scrubs. 

First thing I loved about these scrubs, was the packaging, it’s simple without being boring! A little splash of colour on the white packaging really stands out to me. 

Next thing I liked about these, is they contain magnesium to help with aches and pains in your muscles and joints, I get the worst restless legs at night, so this is a blessing. I found a good idea was to have a bath, scrub in the bath and then soak in the fallout; so then you get the full benefits of the magnesium and the coconut oil as well. Careful with any open sores or scratches though because the citrus will sting and irritate it. 

Has anyone heard of Caim and able before? Have you tried them? 

What do you think? 

Let me know what you thought of this blog post guys, what you would change, what you love and so on! I would also love to know anything you want to see a review of. 

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Maybelline haul! Swatches and more. 

Seriously look at all these goodies. I was lucky enough to be gifted these at a maybelline event over a week ago. I have been swatching these so I can show you all. 

Here are the brow pomade crayons in dark blonde, medium brown and dark brown. These brow crayons are super creamy and easy to apply. They catch on the hairs as well to make your brows look more natural and full. 

I also got all these vivid matte liquid lipsticks which I am absolutely loving. The one thing I would change is the time it takes to go matte. It is very slow drying compared to most of the matte liquid lipsticks I have tried. 

These are my two favourite shades from the set. 

They are all really gorgeous colours. What’s everyone’s favourite? Would you like to see these on? 

These are three of the foundation shades I got. Sadly I didn’t get my shade but I have tried it anyway and the formula is so smooth and creamy. Has anyone tried this foundation before? 

Here are the swatches for the new colour sensational lipsticks. They aren’t as pigmented as I hoped but they are gorgeous colours. 
Let me know what you think of this post? 

I would love to know what you guys want to see more of. 

My Maybelline and Loreal event experience! Swatches and all!

Hey Guys,

I am so excited to tell you guys about my Maybelline and Loreal event that I went to on Wednesday night. It was such a great night and I got to meet some amazing bloggers.


It was so exciting getting to see all the new and exciting things coming for Maybelline and Loreal. I cant wait for them all to come out so you can all try them. So as well some of these things might already be out if you arent from Australia.


Here is a few of the things we have coming. I am probably most excited about the Master fix spray, it is meant to be a dupe for the Mac Fix + so I will let you know how it goes after I use it. If you want to see a review or swatches for any of these let me know and I will get it done. You all have to get the Master conceal when it comes out, the coverage is seriously amazing! I need to get my shade the ones I got are too dark, but when i do I will show you how amazing the coverage is!




My Nyx Blogger event experience! New goodies and exciting news for Aussie NYX fans!

Hey guys,

welcome back to my blog, or welcome if this is your first time.


Todays blog post is about my amazing experience with Nyx a few days ago. I was able to see the releases planned for the rest of the year as well as try most of them. There is some really exciting things coming including the exciting news that Priceline will now stock Nyx. This is seriously awesome news for any of my fellow Australians that know that Nyx is seriously hard to come by. We get Nyx in Target, but it is rarely stocked up sadly. Priceline will be stocking heaps of Nyx products in store as well as online, online there will be about 200 extra items to what you see online.

I am ridiculously excited about this, if you cant already tell. I love nyx and I cant wait to show you all the goodies I was lucky enough to be given at the event. In the next week I will get some swatches and reviews up as well for you guys, so let me know if there is anything specific you want a review or swatch of.

I also met another lovely blogger @nailsbyjema so check her account out on instagram she is seriously skilled!



Part 2 of my colourpop collection 😍 matte liquid lipsticks! 

Hey guys, 

Welcome back to my blog. Today I will be showing you some more of my colourpop collection. This time I will be showing you my matte liquid lipsticks from colourpop. I have five which I got in a set. 

Here they are. 

Shades include Bianca, Times Square, Be Merry, Glitter and Last dance! 

Here are the swatches for these lovelies. 

So top to bottom the shades are Last Dance, Glitter, Be Merry, Times Square and Bianca. These colours are absolutely gorgeous. I love the liquid lipsticks by colour pop, they are so long lasting and aren’t too dry on my lips. I wore this on date night and even after eating, drinking and kissing it stayed put! 💪 

The colourpop liquid lipsticks are probably my favourite formula of liquid lipstick I have tried. They are so creamy and pigmented. 

Has anyone tried the colourpop liquid lipsticks before? What did you think of them? Or are there any other liquid lipsticks you recommend? 

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Salon and beauty services that come to you 😍

Hey guys so recently I found a site that is about to start up that allows you to book beauty professionals that come to you whenever it suits you! How great is that? For all those busy women and men out there or even for someone like me who doesn’t have their licence yet! They come to you. It is seriously going to make my life 100 times easier. 

If you are a beauty professional or someone who wants to get beauty services from home check out the site and sign up for $20 off your first service 😍 
The link is 

Be there beauty

Serpent spiral bleeding hearts lipstick collection. Swatches and review. 

Hey guys so about a month ago I got sent this set from serpent spiral which I found on etsy. 

I loved the packaging and the little red silk bag. Packaging is a really big deal to me, there’s something about decorative packaging that entices me more. If I see a product and the packaging looks cheap or boring. I am less likely to buy it. Is it the same for you guys? 

What do you like to see in packaging? What brands packaging are you favourite, I would love to know? 

Here are the swatches for these 

As you can see they are super pigmented.  

They all have a shimmer to them. They are seriously gorgeous colours. My favourite would be the last one. They all have a peppermint smell to them which I love. Peppermint is probably my favourite scent for lip products, it’s so fresh. 

Does anyone have a favourite scent for products? 

Here is another photo for you guys 

Seriously how nice are these colours. I just want to slather myself in them 😂 
I’ve seen that shimmered lip products are become more and more popular so I definitely want to give them a try; I hope I can pull them off. 

Has anyone worn shimmered lip products before? What did you think?

Also what are your favourite products this month. I am thinking of doing a bit of shopping and would love to know what everyone is loving 😍

Weird and Wacky Beauty Tips! Get rid of blackheads with ease!


Hey Guys,

So while trying to find myself some handy skincare and beauty tips, I thought I should share some for anyone trying to find them as well.

So this lot of tips will be to get rid of pesky blackheads!

Tip #1

things you’ll need;

  • vaseline
  • gladwrap
  • tissue
  • 2 face washers ( wash cloths)

This is best to do after washing your face with warm water, so your pores are open.

Apply a thick coat of Vaseline on the desired area, Cover the area with glad wrap.

Next you use the face washers after you have put them under hot water, hold the against the glad wrap. Doing this retains the heat and softens the pores and blackheads.

After five minutes remove the face washers and the glad wrap. Then use the tissues to gently squeeze the area affected, after a few squeezes, if their are some left don’t continue to squeeze as you can damage the capillaries.


Tip #2

Things you’ll need;

-1 egg
-Facial tissue or toilet paper
-A small bowl
-A clean towel

Separate the yolk from the white and rinse your face. Pat your face dry and then apply a thin layer of egg white over your skin. There are two ways to go from here-

Place a strip of facial tissue or toilet paper over the wet egg white, being sure to press it onto your face gently. Allow the first layer to dry. Carefully apply a second layer of egg white over the tissue (try dipping your fingers in it and dabbing it on so the tissue doesn’t slide around a bunch. Let this layer dry as well before applying a third (optional.) When the mask is dry, your face may feel tight-this is supposed to happen. Peel the tissue off, and then gently wash your face to remove any residue. Pat dry and moisturize as usual.

Alternatively, you can leave out the tissue and simply apply 3-5 layers of egg white, being sure to let each layer dry in between applications. If you do not let the layers dry, this will not work!

Tip #3

Things you’ll need;

-1 lemon
-cotton balls
-A small bottle

Rinse your face and pat dry. Squeeze the lemon juice into a small bottle and then use just enough to dampen a cotton ball. Apply to affected areas 3-4 times a week, at bedtime. When you wake up, rinse your face with luke-warm water and apply moisturizer as usual. Store the rest of the juice in the refrigerator for up to a week. Be aware-the juice can sting sometimes!

My small Nars collection (review and swatches) 

Hey lovelies here is my small Nars collection. 

Aren’t they seriously stunning. I love Nars I need to build up my collection. 

Here are the swatches for my Steven Klein blush set. 

As you can see they aren’t super pigmented the lightest colour can’t even be seen in the swatches. They do look gorgeous on, but swatches really don’t show a lot. 

Here is the swatches for the eyeshadow set. 

These ones are really pigmented and are gorgeous colours. I absolutely love this eyeshadow set. 

Has anyone got either of these? What do you think of them? 

What Nars products do you recommend?

Australis limited edition eyeshadows (review and swatches) 

I am trying these three limited edition ac gems eyeshadows from Australis. 
They are such gorgeous colours and so pigmented and creamy. The white is my favourite. It’s great for the corner of your eyes to make your eyes pop. I need to find a time to wear the brighter colours. 

Here are the swatches 

Seriously look at that pigmentation. It is amazing. Especially for a drug store brand. Has anyone tried these yet? What did you think? And what were your favourite shades? 

I’d love to know what everyone’s favourite products are as well.