Bikini Babe Detox tea review

Hey Guy welcome back to my blog.


today I will be sharing with you my bikini babe tea detox experience and review.

I have to say straight up this detox tea was the best tasting detox tea I have ever had, all the other literally make me gag the whole time I am drinking it, but I really enjoy this one.

Straight away I noticed a difference in my energy levels and bloating, I found I wasnt taking so many naps during the week or feeling so lethargic all day. I found it helped with digestion as well.. if you know what I mean ahha. I actually thought I was less hungry while drinking this as well which is always great for weight loss. I would definitely like to try this tea again because I was really impressed. Anything that can stop me from looking as bloated is always a win! Taste wise, the tea is amazing. The day tea has a floral taste and the night tea has more of a spice to it.

I would give this tea a rating of:

Taste: 5/5

Look: 5/5

Results: 4.5/5

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