My Current Fashion Wishlist! What are you guys dying to get your hands on?

Hey Guys welcome back to my blog. Today I will share with you guys my current fashion wish list. I need some new clothes desperately! What are some of your favourite clothing boutiques?

I recently came across Shein its a clothing boutique with so many options and great pricing! So the first part of my wishlist will consist of stuff from their site.

First up is this black off the shoulder dress. It looks so classy and feminine. Plus its only $15!

Black Dress


Next up is this dress, I love dresses with the ruffling on the stomach, I think it looks really flattering. What do you guys think?

Ruffle dress


Next up is this tie up bodysuit, I have been wanting a bodysuit like this for ages but they can get pretty expensive. This one is only $10 so score!



Next up is this gorgeous blazer!



Next is this Skirt, I love the tie up at the front, its so cute.



Next up is shoes! I found two in about two seconds I most certainly need in my life. First up is these bad boys, I have an obsession with knee high boots even though I am short and fat ahaha.



Then these the fluffy front is so cute!



So thats my wish list done, what did you guys think, do you like these?

Also has anyone shopped here, what is it like?

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