The Broods concert! 

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. This post is about the broods concert I went to on Friday night, I absolutely loved it. This is the look I did for the night I hope you like it. 

The concert was at the Tivoli in Brisbane, which isn’t a massive space but it definitely wasn’t small. Sadly it got pretty crowded and hot in there but other then that it was amazing. They had special guests Xavier Dunn and Vera Blue. 

Both special guests were so god damn talented, I loved every second of the night. 

The show started at 7:30 and went till just before 11. Each special guest had about 30 minutes each before the broods started. They surprised everyone about half way on with Jarryd James singing a song with them. They sang a lot of songs from their new album (conscious) but did a lot of old songs as well, which is something I always love. 

This is the outfit I wore for the night, plus a jumper of course. 

Would you guys like to see more fashion and every day posts like this? 

What did you think of this post, I love getting feedback from you guys. 

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