Maybelline haul! Swatches and more. 

Seriously look at all these goodies. I was lucky enough to be gifted these at a maybelline event over a week ago. I have been swatching these so I can show you all. 

Here are the brow pomade crayons in dark blonde, medium brown and dark brown. These brow crayons are super creamy and easy to apply. They catch on the hairs as well to make your brows look more natural and full. 

I also got all these vivid matte liquid lipsticks which I am absolutely loving. The one thing I would change is the time it takes to go matte. It is very slow drying compared to most of the matte liquid lipsticks I have tried. 

These are my two favourite shades from the set. 

They are all really gorgeous colours. What’s everyone’s favourite? Would you like to see these on? 

These are three of the foundation shades I got. Sadly I didn’t get my shade but I have tried it anyway and the formula is so smooth and creamy. Has anyone tried this foundation before? 

Here are the swatches for the new colour sensational lipsticks. They aren’t as pigmented as I hoped but they are gorgeous colours. 
Let me know what you think of this post? 

I would love to know what you guys want to see more of. 

6 thoughts on “Maybelline haul! Swatches and more. 

  1. Lisa says:

    You are so lucky! What did you think of the contour palette? I actually wrote a blog about it last month….you should check it out! Also how are the liquid lipsticks? The colours are beautiful but they look like they may be streaky.


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