My first Microdermabrasion. My review and would I ever get one again! 

Hey guys so yesterday I got my first microdermabrasion. I was so nervous before I went, I imagined it being painful. However it wasn’t at all, it was actually super relaxing. I was lucky enough to be brought in by recreate yourself known as to try out this service in their new Gold Coast store. 

Emma at the brickworks store was absolutely lovely and very helpful with any questions I had about the service, post care and skincare that will help improve my skin. I was very impressed with not only the service itself but how accomodating all the ladies at the brickworks store were. During my visit I was able to see how helpful all the staff were with other guests whether it be recommending skincare or beauty products, makeup shades to suit skin, hair or eye colours as well. 

During my service Emma made sure I was always comfortable and that the microdermabrasion wasn’t too rough on my skin. 

This is definitely something I would love to do again. Even after one treatment I could already see a difference in my skin, it was softer and more radiant. I am looking forward to getting more treatments to help improve in acne scarring and open pores. 

As well the lovely Aimee a gave me an amazing offer to give to my lovely followers. 

If you are one of my international followers and can’t get to the Gold Coast store for a service you can use the code TBJ15 to get $15 off your first order when you spend $99 or more. 

Here is the link for their website if you want to check them out.
For my Gold Coast girls or boys. 

If you book a professional makeup application with the lovely ladies at the brickworks store, not only can you claim the cost of the application ($99) worth of goodies in store, but you also will receive a free Youngblood contour palette valued at $79.95 🙌 seriously it doesn’t get much better then that! 

Here is the link for anyone interested in booking an appointment 

Ry Brickworks store
Has anyone had a microdermabrasion before? What did you think? 

Or have you had a service at the ry brickworks store ? I would love to know what you thought of the service. 

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