Serpent spiral bleeding hearts lipstick collection. Swatches and review. 

Hey guys so about a month ago I got sent this set from serpent spiral which I found on etsy. 

I loved the packaging and the little red silk bag. Packaging is a really big deal to me, there’s something about decorative packaging that entices me more. If I see a product and the packaging looks cheap or boring. I am less likely to buy it. Is it the same for you guys? 

What do you like to see in packaging? What brands packaging are you favourite, I would love to know? 

Here are the swatches for these 

As you can see they are super pigmented.  

They all have a shimmer to them. They are seriously gorgeous colours. My favourite would be the last one. They all have a peppermint smell to them which I love. Peppermint is probably my favourite scent for lip products, it’s so fresh. 

Does anyone have a favourite scent for products? 

Here is another photo for you guys 

Seriously how nice are these colours. I just want to slather myself in them 😂 
I’ve seen that shimmered lip products are become more and more popular so I definitely want to give them a try; I hope I can pull them off. 

Has anyone worn shimmered lip products before? What did you think?

Also what are your favourite products this month. I am thinking of doing a bit of shopping and would love to know what everyone is loving 😍

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