IBeauty eyeshadows review and swatches!

Hey Guys,

So everytime I post on my instagram about my I beauty eyeshadows I always get tonnes of swatch requests so to start off my swatches I have picked out any nude/light colours.

Here are the eyeshadows I will be swatching.

I love these eyeshadows, they are the cheapest single eyeshadows I have found and they are great quality.

Here are the swatches.

I will attach a photo at the bottom to show the names of the shades if you did want to get any. They are all $3 each and they have tonnes of shades. My favourite nude shade is Faithful. I have also added a photo taken on my phone so the shades are a bit more visible.

Some shades were hard to see on my skin because they were close to my skin colour.

Has anyone tried the I beauty eyeshadows before? Did you like them?

If so, what are your favourite shades?

If you havent tried them are there any single eyeshadows you can’t get enough of?


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