My Current Wish list!

Hey guys,

So I thought I would show you guys a few of my current wish list items; Fashion and Beauty.

So Fashion First,

I found a site called Zaful, pretty much on there I found heaps of outfits from some of my favourite brands but a quarter of the price.

First dress I was obsessing over is this one here;

This first one I found on Zaful for only $21.85.

the Link for this one if you liked it is

Zaful Dress Link










Second on the list is also from Zaful, I have seen this piece around a but, but it is always way too expensive. This Mermaid bikini top I found on Zaful for $16.40

Seriously how adorable is this!

The link for this I will add just below if you are interested.

Mermaid Bikini Link


Third thing I am looking at buying is these boots from wittner.

They are $269 from wittner. I wish they weren’t so expensive, because gosh they look so nice.

Here is the link if you want to check them out.

Boots Link



Next is my Beauty Wish list.

First on my beauty wish list is;

the hourglass ambient lighting edit.

I found this one on Net-a-porter for $117

Here is the link if you want it.



Last  product is

this napoleon concealer palette

I have wanted this one for ages. It is $60 on

Here is the link if you want it.



What are everyones wish list items at the moment? Or even favourite products this month.


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