Weird and Wacky Beauty Tips! Get rid of blackheads with ease!


Hey Guys,

So while trying to find myself some handy skincare and beauty tips, I thought I should share some for anyone trying to find them as well.

So this lot of tips will be to get rid of pesky blackheads!

Tip #1

things you’ll need;

  • vaseline
  • gladwrap
  • tissue
  • 2 face washers ( wash cloths)

This is best to do after washing your face with warm water, so your pores are open.

Apply a thick coat of Vaseline on the desired area, Cover the area with glad wrap.

Next you use the face washers after you have put them under hot water, hold the against the glad wrap. Doing this retains the heat and softens the pores and blackheads.

After five minutes remove the face washers and the glad wrap. Then use the tissues to gently squeeze the area affected, after a few squeezes, if their are some left don’t continue to squeeze as you can damage the capillaries.


Tip #2

Things you’ll need;

-1 egg
-Facial tissue or toilet paper
-A small bowl
-A clean towel

Separate the yolk from the white and rinse your face. Pat your face dry and then apply a thin layer of egg white over your skin. There are two ways to go from here-

Place a strip of facial tissue or toilet paper over the wet egg white, being sure to press it onto your face gently. Allow the first layer to dry. Carefully apply a second layer of egg white over the tissue (try dipping your fingers in it and dabbing it on so the tissue doesn’t slide around a bunch. Let this layer dry as well before applying a third (optional.) When the mask is dry, your face may feel tight-this is supposed to happen. Peel the tissue off, and then gently wash your face to remove any residue. Pat dry and moisturize as usual.

Alternatively, you can leave out the tissue and simply apply 3-5 layers of egg white, being sure to let each layer dry in between applications. If you do not let the layers dry, this will not work!

Tip #3

Things you’ll need;

-1 lemon
-cotton balls
-A small bottle

Rinse your face and pat dry. Squeeze the lemon juice into a small bottle and then use just enough to dampen a cotton ball. Apply to affected areas 3-4 times a week, at bedtime. When you wake up, rinse your face with luke-warm water and apply moisturizer as usual. Store the rest of the juice in the refrigerator for up to a week. Be aware-the juice can sting sometimes!

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