Fresh Meals 2 U Review!


Hey guys,

I was lucky enough to get to test out the meals from Fresh Meals 2 U.

I am almost finished my first week out of two and I am absolutely loving it! It is so easy just pulling a meal out of the fridge, heating it up, eating, then just chucking the container. No dishes, nothing!

For breakfast I picked The big breakfast for 4 days and eggs benedict for 3 days. out of those two the eggs benedict was a definite winner. They were both really delicious but the eggs benedict was just amazing. It came with a big thick ham steak, two eggs, spinach and then the sauce, which was delicious. I was a bit bummed that the eggs weren’t runny, but it wasn’t a big deal to me. I couldnt get enough of it by the end of the week. My second week of meals is definitely going to be 7 days of eggs benedict.. Yum!

For the Lunches and Dinners, so far I have tried Sweet and sour pork, super lean salmon, Angus beef and baked potato with pulled pork. The Salmon is probably my favourite, they were all really nice. They all have great serving sizes and aren’t  high in calories. Out of these four, the sweet and sour pork was my least favourite, I found it was spicy, but sweet and sour pork shouldn’t be spicy.

I also tried two of the Snacks; the chocolate protein balls and the raw superfood bar. The chocolate protein balls were really nice, they tasted like fudge.. YUM! The raw superfood bar wasn’t as nice; I have never really been a fan of seeds, but it was still nice.

So if you guys had any questions about these meals, or questions for me. Just leave a comment and I will answer.

Here is the link to the site if you want to check them out;

Fresh Meals 2 U

And here is my instagram if you guys want to check it out. I post reviews as well as beauty looks, flatlays and just my everyday life. Definitely give me a follow if you have instagram I have heaps of great stuff coming.



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